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Next Sign Up Month:  January 1 - January 31, 2022


VIP PREMIUM (Non-Diabetic Patients)


All services offered by the Family Foot Care Clinic


Come in as many times as you wish.


No additional charges for any services performed in the office, including office surgery emergencies.


Priority appointment scheduling including "PRIME" times reserved such as early mornings, Wednesday A.M. and late afternoons.


VIP phone number for the office.


VIP phone number for direct contact with Dr. Neuhoff


Examples of included services are:


All preventative / maintenance exams

Rechecks for current problems

X-rays of the foot and ankle

Fracture care including fiberglass cast



Steroid injections

Wound care

Laser treatment

Treatment of  ingrown toenails including surgery, minimal

Incision surgical removal of bone spurs and bunions

Wart treatment,

Trimming nails and callouses,

Removal of foreign body likes splinters and fluoroscopy (Live X-ray)


$2,900 / Year


Limited To 100 patients

DIABETIC VIP (Diabetic Patients)


All services offered by the Family Foot Care Clinic


Plan includes all of the services in the regular VIP plan, plus diabetic foot evaluations as often as you wish.


Debridement and treatment of diabetic ulcerations as often as needed (usually weekly)


Evoked nerve testing for diabetic neuropathy


Diabetic nail and callous care as often as needed 


$5,000 / Year



Treatment & Control Of Fungal Nails


This plan includes:


Nail biopsy and evaluation

Trimming - debridement-thinning of nails as often as desired

Laser therapy for nails if desired

Medications dispensed from out of office for treatment of fungus

Does not include and medications prescribed to pharmacies


$1,500 / Year


Limited To 100 patients

Routine Trimming & Debridement Of Callouses & Porokeratomas


You may come in as often as you wish to have your corns, callouses or poroketaomas trimmed or debrided.


$400 / 6 Months

$800 / 12 Months


Limited To 50 patients

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